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Interior, Exterior Designing & Constructions


As a premium interior design company in Sri Lanka, Dream Factory hosts a team of talented team of designers, consultants and project implementation specialists. Types of projects that we undertake include house interiors, apartment interiors, luxury villas & luxury hotels. We offer complete residential interior works including modular kitchen interior designs. Contract may include kid’s room interiors, living room and dining room, bedroom interior decor and all other furniture. From the initial consultation, estimation, drawings, production, to the final installation, this company strives to provide the best. Our customer care is first class by always maintaining fastest response time. Thus, by providing high quality products tailored to the requirement and budget these interior designers in Coimbatore promise a high class experience. Quality and perfection is evidenced in many of the stunning project photos gallery and client testimonials in our website.

Our designers and consultants offering home interior service in Coimbatore showroom are friendly, knowledgeable and absolutely committed to provide the best services. Thus, with innovative design skills and perfect implementation, we try to ensure complete satisfaction to every client. With ample resources and experience of about 9000 projects, we promise to make the whole process of interior works truly exceptional, hassle-free and efficient.





Intelligent Space Planning

Interior and exterior intelligent space planning refers to the strategic and efficient design of both indoor and outdoor spaces using advanced technology and data-driven approaches. It involves the thoughtful arrangement of furniture, fixtures, and amenities in interior spaces, as well as the thoughtful layout and organization of outdoor areas.


Conceptual designs, drawings & 3D visualizations

Interior and exterior conceptual designs, drawings, and 3D visualizations are essential elements in the field of architecture and design. These processes involve creating detailed representations and visualizations of a space, whether it's an indoor area or an outdoor environment.


Interior & Exterior Constructions

Interior and exterior constructions refer to the design, planning, and implementation of the physical spaces within and around buildings. These constructions involve the creation, renovation, and arrangement of various elements to achieve functional, aesthetically pleasing, and durable structures.


Fit-out Elements

Fitout elements in interior construction services refer to the various components and features that are incorporated into the design and construction of an interior space to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.


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