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As the leading force in architectural design and manufacturing in Sri Lanka, we specialize in bringing cutting-edge CNC technology to bear on the creation of stunning Interior & Exterior

Imagine a world where buildings come to life, where every surface is a canvas for creativity and innovation. That’s the world that Dream Factory Private Limited  is helping to create.


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Façade Engineering

Facade engineering is a specialized field of engineering that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of building facades. ACP facades, architectural facades, and curtain walls are all common types of facades used in modern architecture.


Structural Engineering

Drawing on our wealth of experience in structural building engineering, we specialize in the construction of pre-engineered buildings, space frames, and steel structures.


Interior & Exterior Designs & Constructions

Interior and exterior designing and construction play integral roles in creating spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and harmonious while focusing on optimizing the layout, selecting materials, and enhancing the atmosphere to transform indoor spaces into inviting and comfortable environments.

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Our 5 step project approach for a successful project

Our Project Approach

Site Inspection

Site inspections are regular checks of a jobsite and the work taking place to verify that construction complies with plans and specifications, client requirements, and regulations.

3D Drawings

3D construction drawings give clients a better idea of what a project will look like in real life and can have a positive impact on project approvals.


We offer expertise towards the successful and timely completion of a project with assessing the building costs and contracts for projects.

Manufacturing & Material Arrangments

To enhance the efficiency of the project, we prepare the CNC perforated panels &  ACP panels along with all the necessary materials.

Installation & Finishing

Once all prior stages are completed, we proceed with commencing the on-site fabrication process and meticulously fine-tune your project to achieve its ultimate form.


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Recent News

Sinhala Aluth Aurudu Siritha 2023

Sinhala Aluth Aurudu Siritha 2023

The "2023 Aluth Aurudu Uthsawaya" held at Dream Factory Company was a magnificent event that truly captured the essence of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. Our company…

Dream Factory April 11, 2023
Architecture exhibition

Architecture exhibition

Fingerstache microdosing kickstarter, migas occupy sartorial ennui sustainable green juice cardigan farm-to-table offal. Authentic kale chips everyday velit auctor…

Dream Factory March 12, 2023
Kedella Exhibition

Kedella Exhibition

Dream Factory Company, a leading interior and exterior construction company, proudly participated in the prestigious Architecture Exhibition from the 24th to the…

Dream Factory February 3, 2023
Pearl Grand Project

Pearl Grand Project

At the heart of our construction endeavors lies the prestigious Pearl Grand Hotel, where we are currently engaged in the awe-inspiring facade construction. This…

Dream Factory January 2, 2023

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Service was excellent. Very responsive. My whole experience has been amazing. The staff was so polite and caring.

— Sandeepa Lakshan

Dream Factory is very reliable and did a quality work. Mr. Kanishka was very helpful and friendly and made sure everything went as per our requirement. Workers were excellent and well mannered. Will recommend Dream Factory at any time.

— Anishka Amarawickrama

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